La Neutra Ltd was established in December 2020 through a passion of neutral toned homeware and design, a vision that was made into reality. I myself often struggled to find neutral homeware all in one place which meant I had to use numerous websites and retail stores. The aim of La Neutra is so you can find neutral toned home decor under one roof with colours that truly make your home have a relaxed and calming feel.

La Neutra’s colour palette will consist of white, beige, nude, cream, charcoal and black with no bold colours used. The incorporation of minimalistic and Nordic styles will give your beautiful home that edge whilst remaining on trend. The majority of the products sold will be handmade and sourced from small UK businesses, sent to you with mainly eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

My future vision is to have a large variance of items to please as many peoples homeware tastes as possible. My promise to you, is that I will always make the products as affordable as possible and the items stocked would be items I would have in my own home. I will always support small UK businesses where I can and treat my customers as a priority.  I will be releasing various collections, each with a unique purpose to decorate your home starting with the Sculpt Collection.

Happy Shopping X